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Portland's Climate Villains

The climate crisis isn't the fault of individuals who don't live perfectly sustainable lifestyles- it is the fault of corporations and government entities that continue to prioritize their own profit over the health and safety of our communities. 

Below are 4 of Portland's biggest climate villains, our main targets as we fight for a livable future and better, more just world. These entities are actively contributing to climate chaos in our city, and we are calling on our leaders to hold them accountable.


Zenith uses Portland to transfer crude oil, one of the most destructive fossil fuels in existence, from trains to ships on the Willamette River. This facility is out of line with Portland’s values and is a danger to the community. We demand that zenith's fossil fuel activities are shut down completely, and that the facility receive no further state or local authorizations for new or existing infrastructure.


The Oregon Department of Transportation acts like the Oregon Department of Freeways, pouring millions of dollars into freeway expansion despite nearly 40% of Oregon’s emissions coming from the transportation sector. We demand that our leaders stop allowing ODOT to expand freeways and instead prioritize a rapid and just decarbonization of our region's transportation systems.

Northwest "Natural" is a fracked gas monopoly that promotes misleading information about their product to delay effective climate policies. We demand that the city stop the expansion of new gas infrastructure and create a realistic, funded plan for converting all buildings to be gas free by 2040, while prioritizing communities most impacted by the climate crisis.

The Portland Business Alliance is an umbrella organization for many of Portland’s worst climate polluters and anti-democratic actors. In the past two years, the PBA has gained extreme influence in city government, and their aggressive lobbying has resulted in the abandonment of numerous city climate policies. We demand that Portland officials cut ties with the PBA and publicly rebuke the organization for its anti-democratic activities and polluter friendly advocacy.

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