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Meet Our Team!

We are currently revising our application process, check back for more info!


Jacob Glass 



Youth climate activism is important to me because I often that feel that my voice and the voices of my peers are ignored. This allows for issues like the climate crisis to continue unaddressed. But, when we organize together, we are able to make a change. The fight for climate justice is the most important fight I will ever be a part of, and we can no longer ignore it. I’m scared for my future. But, when I see young people organizing as a collective, I have hope.

Jacob is a Senior at Ida B. Wells High School

Adah Crandall



I'm passionate about climate justice because we are fighting for both our futures and our present. Young people should not be tasked with fixing this crisis, but because the people in power have shown time and time again they are not prepared to act with the urgency we need, it is up to us.

Adah is a Senior at Grant High School.

JJ Klein-Wolf 



Centering the voices of the youth, of the future, is the most important in the climate movement. We must set ourselves up for success in the future,  otherwise there is no hope. I want to help advocate for ALL teens of ALL backgrounds to understand how climate change effects us, so we can create a future generation who can end the cycle of climate chaos now. Being lucky enough to work with PYCS, I've gained all sorts of skills in youth activism and I hope to share those skills with all that are interested.  

JJ is a Junior at Lincoln High School

Maya Malka



II am passionate about climate justice because the Earth is being destroyed and not enough people are doing enough about it. It is also so incredibly important when discussing other areas of advocacy. The point of no return is slowly becoming reality and that is scary! Advocating for climate justice is a necessary part in improving our world.

Maya is a Senior at St. Mary's Academy.

Liam Castles



Those most affected by a problem should be the most prioritized when creating a solution. Climate change will affect everyone, but has far greater impact on communities of color, the houseless, the poor, immigrants, refugees, youth, and so many more. Youth are in a unique situation: climate change is not affecting us right now any more than it is affecting anyone else. But unless drastic changes are quickly implemented, climate change will continue to worsen, and youth will bear the consequences. We should not have to spend our years in high school organizing for a livable future. But adults in power have repeatedly failed to recognize that youth are impacted far more than they are. Youth climate activism is important to me because it’s time for youth voices to be prioritized in decisio nmaking that could destroy our future.


Liam is taking a gap year to focus on climate organizing

Niomi Markel


Climate activism is important to me because a lot of my favorite memories involve being in nature! I’ve had so many good experiences hiking, backpacking, skiing and swimming in all the forests and mountains and beaches of Oregon but I also see the threats these places face because of climate change. I want to give back to the earth so I and future generations can continue to make these memories and appreciate the world around us. 

Niomi is a Senior at St. Mary's Acadmey

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