Meet Our Core Team!

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Jacob Glass 


PYCS Co-Lead

I’m passionate about climate justice because I want this world to be livable for me and future generations. It’s distressing to think about the future along with the present if climate action is not taken. We have to fight for climate justice now to see an improved world.

Jacob is a junior at Ida B. Wells High School

Adah Crandall


PYCS Co-Lead

I'm passionate about climate justice because we are fighting for both our futures and our present. Young people should not be tasked with fixing this crisis, but because the people in power have shown time and time again they are not prepared to act with the urgency we need, it is up to us.

Adah is a sophomore at Grant High School.

JJ Klein-Wolf 


Communications Co-Lead

Before coming a climate activist, I always felt stressed out about issues of environmental justice. I felt helpless and as though I couldn't do anything, but once I got involved I realized that its so important for teenagers to fight for our future. I love getting to connect with other individuals passionate about climate change and hear everyone share their personal stories with environmental activism.

JJ is a sophomore at Ida B. Wells High School

Maya Malka


Communications Co-Lead

II am passionate about climate justice because the Earth is being destroyed and not enough people are doing enough about it. It is also so incredibly important when discussing other areas of advocacy. The point of no return is slowly becoming reality and that is scary! Advocating for climate justice is a necessary part in improving our world.

Maya is a junior at St. Mary's Academy.

Policy Team Member

Gracie Schroder

Creative Team

Climate justice is incredibly important to me because it is directly linked to human rights advocacy and activism. climate change has incredibly harmful impacts on many of our rights to housing, food, water, and other basic resources. Our marginalized community members and those living in poverty are most affected by climate change. I believe that it is our right as citizens of the earth to take of it and look out for each other the best we can. 

Gracie is a Junior at Tigard High School

Isabel Pope


Creative Team

Creative Team

Zara Sidhu

Maia Golberg 


Policy Lead

Environmental advocacy is important to me because it is not a future problem—our planet is facing effects from climate change right now and has the most influence on marginalized communities. Climate justice connects to so many other prevalent current issues as well, including racial justice, food insecurity, houselessness, and voting rights.

Maia is a Senior at Grant High School

Aishiki Nag 


Policy Team

I’m passionate about climate justice because I want a better livable future for my family, myself and others growing up facing the repercussions of climate change. I want to go through a summer with out fearing for if we need to evacuate from fires or not. My favorite part of environmental justice is working and collaborating with others on all aspects of policy.

Aishiki is a Junior at Tigard High School

Climate justice is important to me because without it we would be allowing our home to slowly be destroyed. Climate justice also brings power to the people and allows us to keep our government and major companies in check.

Isabel is a junior at Tigard High school

Niomi Markel


Policy Team

Climate justice is important to me because it’s incredibly intersectional, and by addressing it we’re also addressing racism, classism, and so much more. If we wait any longer to act we will be the last generation to remember what it’s like to live in a world with clean air and water.

Niomi is a Junior at St. Mary's Academy

Sarah Yu


Policy Team

I care about climate justice because the reach of climate change is so intersectional, we need to protect both our planet and vulnerable communities through accountability and action. My favorite part about environmental justice is being able to reach out to communities that I may not normally interact with, and seeing people of all ages and backgrounds come together to support a cause.

Niomi is a Senior at Catlin Gabel